The US Air Force Gets It

Check out Billy Badass here.  He gets it and so does his Chain of Command.  The US Air Force doesn’t fuck around with bird strikes.  They know the US taxpayer has forked over plenty to get those Freedom Machines up in our airspace protecting our National Security interests, and they’re not going to let a few rats with wings interfere.

The BASH program, which stands for Bird, Wildlife, Aircraft Strike Hazard Reduction Plan, enables Billy here to pump hot lead shot into the avian menace.  The program uses various methods to reduce the risk of bird strikes, including firearms, audio/acoustic alarms, solid lawn care practices, and running about while flailing arms and screaming.

Side note:  due to my unequivocal approval of their mission, I’m just going to overlook the fact that “Bash”, “Reduction”, and “Plan” are not represented in the AF’s acronym.


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