Canada Goose Population Explosion

For some reason, the Canada Goose, not to be confused with the Canadian Goose, which doesn’t exist, was having a rough time back in the 60’s.  I think some of our readers can relate to that – there was a lot of cultural and socio-economical change occurring in that era.  Legislation was introduced to protect the birds and scientific evidence, as shown by the posted line chart, clearly demonstrates a complete and stunning turnaround.

By now, everyone in North America understands the situation.  There are simply too many Canada Geese up in here.  They are ubiquitous and so is their shit.  There IS a solution, however, and that solution involves eating them.


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  1. pt says:

    The birds have taken our dignity, attacked our children, and crapped on our cars. Its time for us to fight back. it is time for us to take back our rightful place on the food chain. It is time to #MAKEBIRDSFOODAGAIN


    1. johnegrammar says:

      Agreed, pt. It’s time. It won’t be easy, but it starts here and now.

      By the way, you have several grammatical and punctuation errors in your post. Thanks, John E. Grammar


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