Corporate Citizens: MBFA offers to solve complex meat supply chain problems

MBFA readers, have you ever noticed that the demand for free-range, organic, grass fed, gluten free, non-GMO meat never seems to be in full supply?  We here at MBFA are tired of seeing our burritos filled with sub par meat products, so we decided to do something about it.  We are confident this titan of American industry will heed the call and take us up on our offer.

Submitted May 12, 2016

Dear Chipotle –

Thank you for providing our great nation with an abundant supply of nutritious and delicious burritos.  Those of us here at MBFA truly appreciate your steadfast dedication to finding sustainable, organic meat.  However, supplying your vast and expanding restaurant enterprise with this meat has proven to be a challenge.  Fortunately for America, our highly skilled, award winning research team has found a solution.
We propose Chipotle consider adding free range organic Canada Goose meat as an option on your menu.  Our research (cited below) shows that this bird lies directly in the upper right corner of the Golden Quadrant of Consumption, making it a perfect addition to your sustainable meat initiative.  The very thought of an enormous goose meat Chipotle burrito, its impressive girth generously stuffed with black beans, rice, herbs, salsas and cheeses and dripping with tasty, salty juices makes me want to run out and get me one right now.  Obviously a generous donation to our foundation would be greatly appreciated for this ground-breaking idea.
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