Is it time to start eating Bald Eagles again?

This is a question we get all the time at MBFA.  Roughly 94% of Americans consider the very idea anathema to their civic and moral sensitivities.  For nearly 50 years, citizens of this country have been indoctrinated to revere this majestic bird and federal and state agencies have been directed to preserve their habitats and punish any individuals who deign to hunt them.  This was all done for very good reason – by the mid ’70s, the BE was essentially eliminated in the contiguous 48 through hunting and shady environmental practices.

Moreover, the bald eagle IS truly a badass, and is symbolic of the essential badassery of this once great country.  When you close your eyes and think to yourself:  “What does freedom look like?”, chances are your brain will conjure up an image of a bald eagle or maybe an F-15 or an AR-15 or Donald Trump smirking at a foreign leader or something awesome like that.

But now…but now…  Things have changed.  The estimated population is upwards of 100,000 beasts roaming our skies.  With a solid base population, their sustained existence is virtually guaranteed.  BEs are truly top-of-the-chain predators…as their population growth continues, aided by government intervention, they will continue to dominate and obliterate their food supplies, altering the harmony that nature intended.  There have been numerous reports of BEs attacking and hauling off domestic pets, which I’m actually okay with and would love to see in person, but still.  Lastly, and most importantly, BE meat is delicious (or so I’ve read) and can you imagine the infusion of sheer awesomeness and freedom that would accompany a BE feast?

At MBFA, we think the time has finally come to welcome the Great American Bald Eagle back to our dinner tables.  A limited, controlled hunting program could easily be enacted.  There should also be a managed market for rich people like me who don’t know how to hunt.



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