Special Report: Seagulls – Raised By Their Parents to Hate Man

For centuries man has attempted to domesticate and train Seagulls as navigational helpers or messengers.  Over the years we as people have given more and more trust to these gulls and little did we know the hatred they have for man.gull1.JPG

Now with modern day technology we have captured various examples of how these feathered foes really feel.

Take for example these photos of these virtuous birds attacking innocent men and women.


These creatures have no moral compass.  They will attack anyone and have no qualms in seeking out the young, the old, men or women, and even the most vulnerable of us.

As time goes by the smarter the seagull has become.  They have started to attack in larger and larger numbers and have been attempting to sink boats with humans aboard.   Moments after the photo below was captured the hundreds of more gulls landed on this boat and within only minutes the boat was underwater.


I cannot stress enough, the danger society could face if these pests continue to have their way near the shores of our water ways.  If we do not act and their numbers continue to rise, we could soon see our largest sea vessels being dragged into watery graves.

Many thanks to our Special Guest Contributor for the content of this post.


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  1. CrazyReligious Guy says:

    Seagulls were the leftovers when God was making this earth! We need to need to show them who’s boss!


    1. I agree, Guy. I’m pretty tired seeing these rats with wings flying around whenever they want, shitting all over everything. I do believe I read a bible verse at some point explaining that these creatures were put here for Adam (aka Man) to catch, pluck, bbq and eat.


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