#ShittyLifehax – It Begins

While the plebeians of America’s blogosphere are busy wringing their sweaty little hands over Trump’s latest atrocities, we here at MBFA are busy making the lives of our readers better.  Our latest initiative is #ShittyLifehax and we most humbly issue forth a preemptive “You’re welcome!” or, if you prefer the Facebook spelling – “Your welcome”.

Our intrepid MBFA writers and editors will henceforth be scouring the dark, hidden crevices of our once again great country to find and report upon Lifehacks!  What are Lifehacks?  To illustrate, here’s a free one for you:  you can fucking Google it for yourself, ass.


Ha ha, that was just a prank, bros – we’d never insult our readers like that!  Lifehacks are a pop-culture phenomenon whereby click-desperate blogsites post inane, everyday ideas using everyday items in order to accomplish everyday things.  Real Hackers everywhere…those who actually ‘hack’, e.g. exploiting security weaknesses to wreak havoc in the IT world…cringe in loathing and disgust whenever the term “Lifehacking” is referenced.

Here are a few mind numbingly stupid “Lifehacks” we found out there on a rival site, just to shed some light on the absurdity.


No.  That’s really dumb.  I’m not doing that.


See, these aren’t “hacks”.  I think almost all people who own trashcans have figured out how to manage this issue.  Terrible post, Claire.


LOL!  It’s Claire again, with another game-changer.  USE SPICES TO SPICE THINGS!  Jeesus.

So we’re going to get in on the game – prepare yourselves, friends, for #ShittyLifehax!



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