Blue Lives Matter: Grey, Black and White Ones? (No)

During the 8 years of his floundering and disastrous presidency, Barack Obama made many mistakes.  Perhaps his most egregious blunder was flaming the fires of hatred against our embattled Police forces.  Time and time again he sided with the criminal elements when the forces of good and evil collided – time and time again he was in the wrong.

And where did his failure of leadership lead us?  Public opinion of our beleaguered boys in blue are at an all time low and the thugs have been emboldened.  Lawlessness is on the rise, our nation’s standing in the world has been diminished and even this knucklehead thinks he can push us around.


And now we come full circle, where even the beasts of our nation have embraced his degeneracy.  At MBFA, we expect Canada Geese to behave badly.  We acknowledge their nature – they are wicked, arrogant, plump and oblivious to their true place.  They are really the worst.  And now, readers…now…they have taken up Obama’s battle cry:  “Police are all bad people, attack their eyes!”

Witness Obama’s legacy here:




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