The Decline of Civilizations – An American Instrospection

In 2015, a man was brutally murdered by agents of the deep state in Oakland, California.  His name was Yonas.


Yonas was a 30 year old drifter, a free-spirited man of humble roots.  The details of his life are inconsequential but the circumstances surrounding his tragic death demand our attention.  Before diving deeper into the rabbit hole, we pose this question:  What is the value of a human life?

That’s a hard one to answer despite the above average intelligence of MBFA readers, so here’s an easier one.  Which life is worth more:  a human or a Canada Goose?  The answer here is not as simple as one might think.

When Yonas was slain in the summer of 2015, the official story line proffered by the state run media was that of a legitimate reaction to violent aggression.  This seems plausible until you dive deeper.  In reality, Yonas was the victim.


A few short weeks prior to the fatal incident, Yonas was in the news for something quite different.  Acting upon both his primal instincts to sate an empty belly and his God-given right to feed upon the lower beasts of the earth, Yonas slew a juicy, plump Canada Goose with his calloused, well tanned hands.  Alas, this was 2015 – our nation was mired in the swamp of Barack Obama’s failed presidency and our law enforcement branch, reeling from years of misuse and abuse, mishandled the situation.


Yonas was confronted and tasered.  Bewildered, hungry, humiliated and shocked (literally), Yonas’ life spiraled out of control.

You see, Yonas was an Ethiopian refugee.  And as such, we can presume he was probably some sort of scientist, academician or some other sort of amazing person, because as we all know from twitter and tumblr virtue signalling, we only import amazing persons in our refugee resettling program.  But at the time of his slaying, he was a transient, without a home or job.  His life was in shambles.  We can logically conclude that the decline was set into motion by the goose-strangling incident.

We’d like to think that these events would have unfolded differently in today’s America,  guided by the steady hand of our new president.  For one thing, and most obviously, Yonas wouldn’t even be here because we no longer allow people of color (PoC) to enter the country.  Secondly, we believe the holistic atmosphere of bird-eating has relaxed in this country due to many factors, not the least of which is the steady, righteous influence of the bird-eating lobby (including MBFA, of course).  Lastly, Yonas would most certainly have not been killed because all the police in Commiefornia are all hanging out around Berkley presiding over Liberal Safe Spaces and Free Speech Zones.

So what have we learned, reader?  What IS the value of a human life?  I, personally, would have estimated about $6.7M.  But for Yonas, a homeless Ethiopian refugee living in the wastelands of Nancy Pelosi’s California, the equation is completely different.  It turns out that HIS life was worth less than one, plump, juicy Canada Goose.





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